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Jerilyn Mallari, better known as Lady J Speaks, is a venerated voice in finance and tax planning with over two decades of expertise. Her strategic insights have not only propelled Real Estate Investors and businesses to save significant sums but have also carved her niche as a proactive CFO and a Tax Coach at BNI's Fairfield Chapter. Committed to sharing her knowledge, Lady J now leads the 'My CFO Navigator' program, mentoring business owners to financial mastery and preparing to enrich minds through her upcoming authorship.

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  • In-Person/Virtual Coaching

    Enhance your financial skills with tailored coaching sessions available both in-person and virtually. Gain personalized insights and actionable strategies to empower your financial decisions.

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  • In-Person/Virtual Speaking

    Book dynamic in-person or virtual speaking engagements to inspire and educate your audience on financial mastery. Lady J Speaks delivers impactful presentations tailored to your event's needs.

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  • Financial Services

    Access a comprehensive suite of financial services designed to optimize your financial health. From tax planning to wealth management, get expert guidance tailored to your financial goals.

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