About Lady J Speaks

A Powerhouse

Jerilyn Mallari,also known as Lady J Speaks, is a powerhouse when it comes tofinance, business strategy, and tax planning. With over 21 years of industry experience, Lady J Speaks has amassed an impressive portfolio of successes, establishing her as a trusted and reliable voice in the realm of finance. As a Commercial Real Estate Investor and a savvy Tax Strategist, Lady J Speaks has the ability to navigate the complex financial landscape togenerate substantial savingsfor her clients.

Proactive CFO

She has a record of saving Real Estate Investors and business owners anywhere from $82K to $200K within mere weeks through the use of Advanced Tax Saving Strategies. Lady J Speaks' ability to optimize business operations by aligning both personal and business goals with strategic tax planning has set her apart in the industry.As a proactive CFO, she ensures business growth by targeting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and maintaining fiscal control. Her remarkable skills and industry knowledge have landed her a place in the BNI's Fairfield Chapter-Successful Networking Professionals as the designated Tax Coach. Here, she collaborates with other professionals to expand her knowledge in the insurance, law, and financial industries.

Financial Control & Success

Going above and beyond, Lady J Speaks has also served on the Board of Directors forMulti-Million Dollar Companiesand as an advisor for various Start-Up Companies, providing crucial financial and strategic guidance. Now, Lady J Speaks is bringing her expertise to a wider audience with her self-led courses in the 'My CFO Navigator' program. Here, she guides business owners through the financial maze, helping them gain control, clarity, and the ability to make proactive decisions. As an upcoming author, Lady J Speaks plans to share her knowledge and experiences on a larger scale. Her books will serve as a beacon for those seeking financial control and success in their businesses.